Hi, I’m Liam, a Freelance Sound Designer based in Portsmouth, UK. Thank you for taking a look at my website and my showreel, I hope you enjoyed it!

Sound is, in my opinion, one of the most important parts of the story in all visual media. Could you imagine Star Wars without all those recognizable sounds? It’s impossible. I always put this aspect into my sound work, driving the story with sound. 


MY SKILLS: Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Field Recording, Unity, UE4, Field Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Favourite Films


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Space Jam

Star Wars Episode V (the best one!)

Favourite TV Shows

The Office UK

I’m Alan Partridge

Breaking Bad


Favourite Video Games

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Escape from Monkey Island

Batman: Arkham City

The Last of Us